September 27, 2022

5 Reasons To Buy A Vacation Home In Comporta

There are few places on this planet where you can experience magic, luxury, and laziness simultaneously. Comporta is such a place. The Comporta Coast, with its 20km of uninterrupted white sand, interspersed with quaint villages and agriculture, is the place where Portugal insiders have been coming to kick back since the 1990s.

In recent years, the area has started to attract even more attention, but not for its restaurant scene, nightlife, or rows of hotels. In Comporta there are only a few restaurants, barely a handful of hotels, and not much to do in the evenings. Instead, people come to Comporta because they want quiet exclusivity, low-key luxury, and a place to be themselves in a world that demands that they are always “on”.

Be surrounded by the ocean and rice paddies.

The Comporta area is surrounded on one side by the ocean and the other by rice paddies. Just over an hour south of Lisbon, on the north-western coast of the Alentejo, it is accessible but remote. The village of Comporta itself has just a few 1000 inhabitants. Up Until 1991, the Comporta coastal area was a large agricultural estate known for rice production. It has slowly been developed since then but with very restrictive development regulations to protect the natural landscape.

Design Heaven

The former owners of the agricultural estate along the Comporta Coast, the Espirito Santo family, sought to attract successful and talented artists and designers to the area as they started developing it into a coastal get-away. Fashion designer Christian Louboutin, architect Philippe Starck, supermodel Carla Bruni, and actress Monica Bellucci, are just a few of the big names that have bought a property, and exclusivity, in Comporta.

Unique Architecture

The traditional architecture of the Alentejo region, from lime-washed white buildings and blue trim in the villages to the thatched houses of local fishers, has been influenced by the designers and architects that made the area their home. Nowadays, elements of bohemianism and ecological design are intermingled with traditional artisanry giving Comporta its distinctiveness.

Car or horse, you choose.

With 20km of beaches and rice paddies, tiny villages, and Roman ruins to explore, a car is necessary for getting around. But this is not your only option. Getting around on horseback is still a popular option to enjoy the protected nature reserve and the fantastic weather, all while remaining carbon neutral.

Laid-back days and nights

After exploring the beautiful Comporta coast, you also need time for relaxation - something that is very easy to do here! Sipping local Sagres beer in a small café, cocktails at a beachfront bar, surfing and playing in the waves, wandering through exclusive boutiques and galleries looking for beautiful things, or watching the sunset while the dolphins swim by – you can do a whole lot of nothing in perfect peace.

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