Prime Properties
Fund I

Investment period 2016-2018

Over 30 months, Prime Properties Fund I has invested in 9 development projects resulting in 11 chalets/villas and 8 luxury apartments. We expect total sale value of 72-80mn € to generate a ROE of 60% with an IRR of 25%+ for equity investors.

Out of these 9 development projects the first has been sold in 2017; the final project is expected to be completed mid 2020. Prime Properties Fund I has an approximated 88% of its holdings concentrated in Kitzbühel, Austria and a further approximate 12% in Ibiza, Spain.

Prime Properties
Fund II

Investment period 2019-2021

We are eager to continue our development activities in the Kitzbühel Alps as well as on the Balearic islands with a new equity fund Prime Properties Fund II.

The total fund size of Prime Properties Fund II will be a minimum of 60mn € and a maximum of 100mn €. We follow strict investment criteria to meet our target returns of at least 1.4-1.6x equity and an IRR of a minimum of 20%.