Iconic properties on unique plots

  • Our established local presence ensures access to unique building plots.
  • Each property follows an architectural concept, inspired by local craftsmanship and prominent, international architects. Our exclusive signature is created by embedding traditional materials and architectural elements in an overall modern composition.
  • We deliver the finest turn-key properties; including fully furnished and decorated housing.

Develop­ment for buy2lease

  • Smart buyers seek vacation homes combining a home away from home feeling with a reasonable investment plan.
  • Key investment criteria for our units include the timeless attractiveness of the desired destination coupled with rising real estate prices, high quality construction, minimal administration effort and cost, and an annual yield of 4-5% through holiday short-term rentals.


  • An integral part of our services includes a post-purchase package, ensuring peace of mind with any new luxury vacation home. This includes asset management, rental management and administration services.

Iconic architecture

  • Our projects adhere to a modern interpretation of traditional architecture.
  • We have an unexampled insight into clients’ individual needs and pride ourselves in translating these desires into the functional and aesthetic requirements of an iconic architecture keeping with the regions' traditions.

Smart floor plans

  • Floor plans must consider the requirements certain living spaces’ functional use and their aesthetic potential.
  • With our interior design team we model multiple variations of floor plans for each project to find an optimal and inspiring solution.

Finest materials

  • Materials can capture emotions. The selection and combination of materials in a living space ultimately determine the connection people will experience within this space.
  • Additionally, we choose materials that promote economic efficiency and environmental consciousness.

High-End finishes

  • Luxury is derived from the details. Prime Properties Group sets the focus on delivering perfectly crafted finishes to its construction and complement these with handpicked furniture and fabrics to ultimately create the feeling of perfection.
  • We stand by the highest standards of quality for any appliances built into our properties.

Asset Management

  • Our luxurious vacation homes accommodate travelers expecting a high quality property and its accompanying services.
  • Prime Properties Asset Management ensures that each property, including its facilities, equipment and garden, is in perfect condition for renting.
  • We operate with a team of property inspectors that liaise with specialists from a network of certified local providers.

Rental management

  • Providing vacationers with a luxury experience starts with the property and is followed by on-demand services provided throughout their trip.
  • Our team of guest managers provides a uniformly exceptional service from the booking phase all the way through to the moment you return home. This includes check-in, concierge services, and a 24/7 multi-language customer service.

Adminis­­tration services

  • Vacation homes abroad are often accompanied by specific regulatory requirements. Our team of property admins safeguards that private properties comply with local jurisdiction and insurance requirements. This provides owners, as well as travelers, with peace of mind.